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We train Saddlebreds, Morgans, Arabians and Hackney Ponies to show successfully. Clover Leaf provides a gentle and consistent training environment where the horses strive to do their best.


All horses are taken for a 90-day evaluation to see which direction they should take and whether they can meet the owner's expectations. We believe in finding the right niche for each individual animal. To achieve success, the horse must be suited to what it is doing, and be happy in its work.

Trainer, Archie Hurst, has over 40 years experience training horses for Saddleseat, Basic Seat, Western, Driving and Halter. He has trained all breeds and types of horses. Although we train mostly Saddlebreds, we are open to all breeds and disciplines.




5 Gaited Show Pleasure Champion

Absolutely Delightful present by Leslie Hurst

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