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Lesson Program


Lessons are taught in the climate controlled arena on well trained lesson horses. The student is brought along at an individual pace to achieve their own goals, whether that is to ride in the show ring or to just enjoy a pleasurable ride. Lessons are offered in English and Western styles, Driving and Horsemanship. 

The initial package of lessons covers the fundamentals of tacking up, the walk, the trot and canter. Every student progresses at their individual rate. Some students might progress quickly beyond the standard set of skills, while others may concentrate on the basics for longer. We believe that fundamentals are crucial to long term enjoyment of riding and so we manage progression of skills very carefully. 

We also believe that the student must become very comfortable working around horses so lessons spend important time on horsemanship skills and knowledge. By the end of ten lessons we hope that our students have learned how wonderful horses are and have the basic skills to embark on years of joyful riding.

For those who are more advanced lessons will prepare a rider to ride competently in a variety of situations with confidence and success. You can progress to what ever level you feel comfortable.

Ultimately we stress fun! Riding is intended to be a safe and enjoyable experience. It is also an excellent opportunity for "Fitness for Life!" Come by for a visit and we can talk about how we might most effectively work together.





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